Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India

Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India
February 20, 2023

Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has developed a one-stop drug range solution for quality. We are responsible for the timely delivery and leakage and breakage of large medical segments. We have been offering Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services in India since 2005 and helping many start-up pharmaceuticals to carry out their work. All our company’s manufacturing plants are GMP-WHO approved. We have also a dedicated and hard-working workforce in third parties that meets customer expectations. The reason for Third Party Service is to empower new enterprises to pursue their business. Our solid grasp of quality medicines enables us to become India’s top third-party pharmaceutical manufacturer. Without losing our budget we serve our customers with all the latest innovations. Our research and development department works constantly to innovate products in order to provide the best deals on the market. Thus, partner in the Third Party Manufacturing Service in India with Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. We have selected a reliable source of communication to interact with our clients. Contact us at +91-98150-12326 and send us a letter on

Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India

Advantages Taking third-party pharmaceutical services with Maya biotech

It is very important to offer an innovative and good quality product range for competing in the pharmaceutical market. Our third-party manufacturer is one of the best manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. has established a good name as a manufacturer in the third party and has established a number of contacts with different companies across the country.

Highly qualified professional team – Each department has an experienced and highly trained in team of professionals, scientists, doctors, and experts which is the core face of our Third Party Manufacturing company.

WHO – GMP certified – Our company has all WHO-GMP legal authority. Professionalism and work according to the set of field protocols are very necessary. We have made every effort to make our brand the most trusted in the market of third-party resources.

Give you the best service – we understand the importance of the lives of our customers. We are committed to providing them with the best health services. As the best pharmaceutical manufacturer, we have a responsibility to maintain a reputable corporate image in the third-party market.

Reasonable price products – We offer high-quality, affordable, medical products. The company’s main objective is to provide medical care to third-party clients. Serving mankind is our slogan.

Manufacturing unit – The company has a production unit that can produce both large and small-scale products. Our plant offers high-tech equipment and advanced machinery. The company is supported by a hard-working team with extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector.

Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Offers a Diverse Product Range

  • Dry Injections – Cephalosporin
  • Dry Injections – General
  • Liquid Injections
  • Nasal Spray Drops
  • Metered Dose Nasal Spray
  • Eye And Ear Drops
  • Metred Dose Inhaler

Pharmaceutical Quality Control and Assurance

Our company ensures that there are no compromises on the product’s quality. All products are certified by ISO&GMP, which ensures that the drugs are safe. The professional team inspects the products on a variety of quality parameters, including effectiveness, purity, pH value, side effects, and composition. Our company’s mission is to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of our third-party customers in every possible way. This distinguishes us as one of the leading pharmaceutical third-party manufacturers.

  • All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards.
  • To ensure the quality of the drugs we formulate, we source our raw materials from certified and reputable suppliers.
  • Throughout our organisation, we adhere to GMP&ISO guidelines.
  • Availability of all advanced and high-technology laboratory equipment.
  • To ensure the quality of our products, we store them in two temperature-controlled areas.
  • A dedicated team works on defective pieces immediately, ensuring that delivery is not delayed.
  • The storage unit is completely airtight to prevent contamination of the air.
  • We have invested innumerable resources to differentiate ourselves from the competition, from product development and quality assurance to fulfilment and distribution.

Our Manufactured Unit’s Packaging and Labeling

We are committed to product quality, patient safety, and continuous improvement in order to determine the efficacy of our drug in curing disease. Whether we are acquiring raw materials, manufacturing units, or packaging, we ensure that the highest standards of safety, quality, and hygiene are maintained at all times.

  • The packaging of a product has a significant impact on the third-party customer’s mind.
  • Effective packaging and labelling enhance the product’s value.
  • It has a sizable impact on market preference for brands.
  • We offer a validated range of primary packaging standards.
  • Custom labelling and packaging with full blinding and randomization as required.
  • Promotional material is included.

We, Third Party Manufacturers in India are helping distributors and companies to have an advance by providing very high-quality third-party manufacturing.

The advantages of collaborating with third-party manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry

Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in the world due to the high quality of pharmaceutical products they provide to their third-party pharmaceutical clients. Our company is extremely dedicated to the quality of medicine, as all resources contained in our regulations have been approved by certified manufacturing units. All raw materials used in the manufacture of Pharma products are sourced from reputable vendors in the Pharmaceutical market to ensure the products’ quality. Our company used advanced technologies and global practices in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to ensure that the products met international standards. Working with our company will provide you with numerous benefits, including the following:

Pharmaceutical Third Party Manufacturing

Cost-effective manufacturing:- Our company’s manufacturing models make the entire process cost-effective for your business in third parties because you won’t have to worry about start-up capital, maintenance, or manufacturing units because we will provide you with the highest quality products.

Profitability guaranteed:- Collaborating with our company provides you with the opportunity to earn large profits and expand your business in the third-party market. We are the market leader in the pharmaceutical industry, with loyal customers who will also be loyal to your business.

Working with professionals: By partnering with our company, you will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals and specialists who have been with us for years, as well as with our associates and healthcare centres that have already joined our ranks. In pharmaceuticals, we have also a very good rank.

Meeting Ground:- Collaborating with our company will benefit both parties as the business expands in third party pharma.

Maya Biotech Product List

Manufacturer & Supplier of a wide range of products which include Pharmaceutical Dry Injections such as Piperacillin Tazobactam Injections, Ceftriaxone Tazobactam Injections, Cefoperazone Injections and many more items in the pharmaceutical industry. We are Contract Manufacturer of Injectable in India, Himachal, Third Party Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer for Eye Drops in India and Third Party.