Injection Molding Manufacturers in India, Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products

October 18, 2020

Injection molding is one of the most popular method applied by Injection Molding Manufacturers in India in order to create the products that require molded plastic parts depending on its use and requirement.In this process, melted resin is injected into a hollow mold until it is completely filled.

Injection molding is one of the most important manufacturing processes which has the capability of producing complicated plastic parts in a variety of complex shapes with high dimensional precision in a bulk amount. It converts thermoplastics and thermosetting materials into complicated parts with the help of heat and pressure. Basically, injection molding is considered as a repetitive, cyclical process in which polymers are heated and gradually melted in the injection unit of an injection molding machine, which resembles in principle an extrusion process. This molten material is then transferred with the help of an injection step into a closed and shape-specific mold cavity, basically duplicating the cavity of the mold. After solidification, the article is recovered by opening the mold to release the product.

Injection molding has been widely used in the plastic processing industry for numerous applications, but now a days it is also used in the pharmaceutical industries. In the healthcare industry, a variety of products are made with the injection molding process including plastic syringes and the tools used in medical procedures. The healthcare industry depends heavily on injection molding method because it can manufacture the products in bulk amount as many of these products are of single use, disposable items to maintain sterility or to prevent the spread of germs or diseases. Now a days, injection molding is frequently used for a plethora of pharmaceutical /medical applications varying from the development of oral drug delivery dosage forms to the design of complicated stents or implants.

Injection Molding Manufacturers in India

The drug delivery systems are often complex mixtures of active pharmaceutical ingredients and functional excipients, such as meltable carriers, plasticizers and other processing aids in case of Injection Molding. The meltable substance used in injection molding is usually a thermoplastic polymer. The process does not require the use of solvents, which is beneficial in terms of manufacturing times and costs as well as of preserved stability. Injection molding offers numerous advantages: a) a simple, continuous set-up with few production steps that can easily be scaled-up, since mixing, melting, homogenizing and shaping of the product occur in a single step, b) a reduction in labor forces due to the extensive automation of the process c) elimination of solvent residuals or a time-consuming drying step as solvents or water are not used, d) large-scale industrial production by using multi-cavity molds, e) design flexibility allowing the manufacturing of various shapes, and f) minimal material loss make injection molding a viable, competitive and worthwhile alternative for a variety of pharmaceutical and biomedical applications as compared to conventional production technologies commonly applied in the pharmaceutical industry.

Drug delivery systems are important for providing a patient a therapy that can be administered efficiently, effectively and easily. Maya Biotech keeps these points under consideration while manufacturing its products and hence it is a preferred Injection Molding Manufacturers in India, Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products whose products are used in the clinical market at a large scale.