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Genuine Medicine for All

December 22, 2022

The Government of India has launched an idea “Sabko Dawai, Sahi Dawai”. It’s mainly to bring transparency in pharmaceutical manufacturing to make people aware of medicine globally through online.

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Maya Biotech Private Limited – Best Third Party Manufacturer in Ear Drops Stormy Winter Shoves Ear Pain

December 10, 2022

Winter Ear Pain : During winter seasons, the pain in the ear is common for any type of age group. Due to the blow of cold air inside the nostrils, throat and ears, it causes minor irritation and major infections in the ears as it is well connected with the delicate tissues. Precautions need to be advanced to rectify the problems.

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Maya Biotech Private Limited-A Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Focusses & Prioritizes ‘Quality’ towards Customers

December 6, 2022

Maya Biotech Private Limited has a wide range of products manufactured with an advanced technology which creates high value in the market. Satisfying the clients in terms of communication and priority to service served at all times.

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Maya Biotech Private Limited embarked on Vitamin B12

November 21, 2022

Customarily, Vitamin B12 improvements have been in the form of injections to be taken regularly. However, more recently, high-dose oral supplements have become available and have shown to be as active as injections. Improvements in nutritional habits are also necessary.

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Maya Biotech Private Limited Role in Nutraceuticals

November 19, 2022

Highly projected nutraceutical industry is expected to compete with medical device manufacturing industry in the near future. The nutraceutical is said to be a multi dollar industry in the next few decades. The projection is based after COVID 19 arrival, as most of the people are looking to be more health cautious and physically fit.

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Pharmaceutical Third Party Contract Manufacturing

November 8, 2022

The major key role for the pharmaceutical growth in India is mainly because of Third Party Contract Manufacturing companies. Maya Biotech Private Limited started its footprints in third Party contract manufacturing and service provider in 1998, now it is one of the rising pharmaceutical company in India.

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Pharmaceutical Future is focusing on Data Management & Analytics

October 13, 2022

Data is considered as oil for the pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. Gathering the data helps in identifying the new drug molecule within a stimulated period. In the forthcoming years without technology the pharmaceutical industry finds difficult to survive. Gathering of data is most important factor for research and development and for the future prosperous values.

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“Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority”

October 10, 2022

October 10th is remembered as “World Mental Health Day”. Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd has a GREAT attention in serving the society and for the development. Innovation is born with any kind of person having good mental health. We at Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd follow the quote of Lauren Fogel Mersy, n.d. “Being able to be your true self is one of the strongest components of good health”

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Maya Biotech Private Limited Portraits Quality & Great Place to Work

January 23, 2022

Maya Biotech Private Limited-Third Party Manufacturing with great scope for future developments in bringing the outlook of the industry to a greater place for the welfare of humanity and development in the market.

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