Genuine Medicine for All

Methylcobalamin Nasal Spray
December 22, 2022

The Government of India has launched an idea “Sabko Dawai, Sahi Dawai”. It’s mainly to bring transparency in pharmaceutical manufacturing to make people aware of medicine globally through online.

If the drive force is implemented successfully, then India will be one of the major digital pharma hubs in focusing on the welfare of consumer’s health. Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd is provoking high potential in transparency of the products manufactured for the welfare of humanity. Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd has initiated the process for digital implementation of data, which tends to prove that drug transparency has a greater impact on society. Marketing digitally tends to grow the business at a faster rate rather than adopting the field force method. Quality is the key and success factor for the business, Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. does not compromise on quality at any cost. The key growth rate is ascending gradually, which is a positive sign for business and for society. Serving humanity is the key focus. National Drug Portal which will soon be implemented by the end of 2023 next year, which keeps the eyes of all the pharmaceutical companies relying more on digital platforms and data analysis. The future of the pharmaceutical industry relies on the digital platform. Once the directory is formed, the implementation of the National Drug Portal, projecting mainly on the pharmaceutical drug sector, will be a boom for the growth of drug manufacturers in India and becoming a ‘Pharmacy of the World’. There are many challenges while implementing the portal in place, but overcoming these obstacles is the path to success.

The future impact of the pharmaceutical industry is to prove that the data is genuine and only quality and qualified drugs are manufactured at all times. The major challenges faced currently in the pharmaceutical industry is gathering of data and projection of data over space and time.

In order to gain trust with the foreign market and to be competitive, the new idea of “Genuine Medicine for ALL” is a great initiative and a high advantage in the pharmaceutical growth factor. One of the major targets is to stop sub-standard drug manufacturing and increase the level of quality. In India, Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plays a major role in the wider growth of pharmaceutical manufacturing and is a key resource for major branded pharmaceutical companies. As per the current environmental trend, most customers and consumers check the drug transparency records like drug composition, brand name, manufacturer, marketing and company records before procuring the medicine through offline or online mode. The idea of the National Pharmaceutical Directory proves the limpidity to all.  

Genuine Medicine for All

Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best third party pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in India with different research and development of new products based on environmental circumstances. Versatile growth is seen in the pharmaceutical third party manufacturing sector, which has higher positive signs for Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. The relationship or bonding between clients is highly secured, which is the key to the growth factor.