Sodium Chloride Nasal Spray

  • Form: Ethical medicine
  • Business Area: Pharmaceuticals
  • Category: Nasal Spray & Drops

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    Sodium Chloride Nasal Spray manufacturers and Supplies in India

    Sodium Chloride Nasal Spray, an essential product in nasal hygiene, is manufactured by Maya Biotech, a renowned company in the pharmaceutical industry. Known for their commitment to quality, Maya Biotech ensures that their nasal sprays meet the highest standards in the market. Sodium Chloride Nasal Spray, commonly recommended by healthcare professionals, helps relieve nasal congestion and moisturize the nasal passages. Its saline solution effectively clears excess mucus and irritants, providing quick and long-lasting relief from symptoms associated with allergies, sinusitis, and the common cold. With a professional tone of voice, it is evident that Maya Biotech prioritizes the health and well-being of its customers by delivering a safe and reliable product that can be trusted for the management of various nasal conditions.

    Isotonic Nasal Spray (Sodium Chloride) 0.9% w/v