Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate For Injection 60mg

  • Form: Dry Injection
  • Strength: 60mg
  • Business Area: Pharmaceuticals
  • Category: Critical Care General Dry Injection

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    Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate For Injection 60mg Manufacturers and Exporters in India

    Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate For Injection 60mg, manufactured by Maya Biotech, is a high-quality pharmaceutical product that focuses on enhancing cognitive functions and overall brain health. This product undergoes a stringent manufacturing process to ensure the highest levels of quality and efficacy. Maya Biotech, with its commitment to excellence, produces this injection with utmost precision and adherence to industry standards. Their dedication to quality control and research allows them to provide a reliable and effective product for individuals seeking to improve their cognitive well-being. Furthermore, Maya Biotech offers franchise opportunities for those looking to distribute this innovative pharmaceutical solution, allowing for wider access to this beneficial product in various regions.


    1. Traumatic Brain Injury: Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate can be used as part of the treatment plan for individuals recovering from traumatic brain injury. It can help support brain repair and recovery, as well as improve cognitive function.
    2. Alzheimer’s Disease: For individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate can help slow down the progression of the disease and improve cognitive symptoms. It can also support overall brain health and function.
    3. Stroke: Cerebroprotein Hydrolysate has been shown to be effective in improving outcomes for individuals who have suffered a stroke. It can help support brain recovery, reduce disabilities, and improve quality of life.

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