National Doctors Day: Heartfelt Tribute to Nation Saver

March 30, 2021

Our local doctors and many others in the broader medical world have been involved in the expertise, treatment, healing, and development of the COVID-19 Pandemic to diagnose, treat against this highly infectious disease.

During this, they lost their lives and in many places, they were not treated well but they were still briar feet to service the nation. This courage of there is highly apricated which nation can never retinoate. National Doctor’s Day is celebrated to honor doctor’s contributions toward society. A global pandemic involves the preparation of medical care on the highest level and physicians are vital to the mission. Their skills and knowledge have allowed us to visit our emergency room on more than 17,000 patients and to accept more than 1,800 patients last year. Although several positive patients received COVID-19, regular therapy remained to continue. Many clinicians have adjusted to new procedures and easy access by telehealth visits. Tens of thousands of people who have been to a doctor to get chronic illnesses and regular checks is seen in a secure setting. We Maya Biotech India encourage the country to join hands in recognition of their loyalty and commitment to the nation, as it celebrates the Day of Doctors. They are in the center of problems and the complete nation were looking at them as a ray of hope. Without any second thought they put their and their once-loved lives at risk for the sake of the country during the pandemic.