Mission-Vision of Maya Biotech India

leading third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


  • Our business is built on the strength of our pharmaceuticals. Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Takes great care to always provide pharmaceuticals of the highest quality that are manufactured using only natural ingredients. No additives, contaminants, or impurities are used in our products. Our quality assurance team is constantly on-site during manufacturing. By utilizing our extensive portfolio of high-quality medications, we are setting the standard for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • To continue to fulfil our obligations as healthcare providers by providing the highest possible service standards to all members of society while upholding our core values of integrity, ethics, and unwavering commitment.
  • Using innovation and global distribution, the pharmaceutical company developed a diverse portfolio of pharmaceuticals that catapulted them to global prominence.


  • Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment."

We believe that complete customer satisfaction is the key to expand business. Our actions are driven by these core values:

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction

Our Values

  • Our company is committed to provide best pharma products at affordable prices to the community with a view to help bring down the healthcare costs.
  • We are a group of passionate and talented individuals dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the use of the most effective pharmaceuticals and production techniques.
  • Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd. employs approximately 200 employees at its manufacturing facilities. The strength of our organization is our highly experienced team.