COVID-19 and Pharmaceutical Companies

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February 4, 2020

COVID-19 is a disease caused by the microbial organism coronavirus which is just a single-stranded RNA but still so dangerous that the whole world is scared of.

This minute creature has disturbed all the activities throughout the globe and the pandemic has imbalanced the economic condition of all the business sectors including those of the pharmaceutical ones. The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s third-largest drug producer and during these stressful times, all the pharmaceutical companies are cooperating with each other and playing a key roles to find a way out of this situation. Maya Biotech is a Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India,3rd Party Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals in India which is also doing its best to fight with the covid situation. Maya Biotech is putting in its full effort so that no gap comes between the demand and supply of the Pharma products.

Scientists in the research labs in the entire world are busy nowadays to find out the treatment for Covid-19 but still no success could be achieved. Similarly, scientists in the R & D section of the pharmaceutical industries are also not left behind. They are standing at the front to help the government in addressing the COVID-19 unmet needs through their efforts. The complete staff of Maya Biotech is also involved in this fight and their efforts range from research and development actions on potential treatment strategies to maintaining balance in the medicines supply chain in this time of crisis. Maya Biotech is a Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in India, which is engaged in making various rescue Injectables used during the treatment of Covid 19. The pharmaceutical scientists at Maya Biotech are well educated and trained to discover, develop, and manufacture new medications and hence are also trying to prepare vaccines for this disease. COVID-19 and Pharmaceutical Companies

COVID-19 and Pharmaceutical Companies

During this pandemic time, the economy of the whole world is disturbed, but pharmaceutical companies are said to gain positive growth on the stock market. The dark side of the image shows that the coronavirus outbreak has also hit the pharmaceutical sector by raising the prices of key ingredients. The active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and basic chemicals used to manufacture Covid drugs have skyrocketed during this pandemic because of opportunistic pricing, black marketing, short supply and weakening of the rupee. Though the Indian pharma sector is an important component of the global healthcare infrastructure and is involved in saving millions of lives every year, it is also facing a worse situation during this struggling time. This problem can be linked to the reason that India has been importing most of the raw materials from China, the epicentre of the outbreak. Generic drugs produced by Indian drug manufacturers are usually used worldwide. If we look at the demand rate, a high demand of such drugs has led to shortages at the pharmacy counter. Maya Biotech Pvt. Ltd., also manufactures generic drugs which play crucial role in the fight against COVID–19 infections. Therefore, Maya Biotech is standing on the toes to keep a continuous supply of these medicines to the consumers.